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2012 VPH Workshop


Modelling for Patient Safety

September 18th- 20th, 2012: London, UK

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Programme and proceedings

The last two decades have witnessed the development of accurate biomechanical models describing blood vessel mechanics. A new challenge is the exploitation of this knowledge to provide the clinician with technological tools for planning and monitoring of interventional procedures and to increase safety in the use of medical devices in clinical procedures.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal European research must have a spectrum of coordinated initiatives. This Workshop exploits the VPH framework in order to continue the discussion on the definition of new paradigms and new challenges for research in this field.

Workshop theme and topics

Amongst recent new trends in clinical care, minimally-invasive medicine has been a major driver of the development of percutaneous procedures and percutaneously-deliverable devices and implants. Interventional cardiology and neuro-interventional surgery are areas where major technological advancements have been made in this respect, with an impressive impact on the quality of care. Progressive adoption of less invasive procedures has reduced access trauma, minimising pain and hospitalisation periods, and also has significant effects on the costs charged to the health care providers. On the other hand, control of the procedure in terms of deliverability, correct deployment and postoperative performance assessment of the device has become a major issue in terms of reducing potential risks for the patient.

The main theme of the proposed Workshop is the identification of future paradigms and challenges for the application of simulation technologies in interventional procedures.  Key targets are:

  • investigation of the interaction between the device - and the delivery system components - and the patient both during and after the procedure
  • assessment of the level of potential damage to the patient’s tissues and structures (e.g. the artery walls and the surrounding tissue)
  • definition of quantitative indicators for improving quality and safety of the interventional procedures
  • identification of the best strategies for the development and calculation of safety indices, biomechanical and functional models in real-time during the interventional procedure.

Workshop Overview:

Organization Committee:

1)    Gabriele Dubini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy,

2)    Mauro Sette, Jos Vander Sloten, K.U. Leuven, Belgium,

3)    Patricia V. Lawford, University of Sheffield, UK,

Technical Committee:

Keynote speakers:


Subscription and fees:

Call for papers (Closed):

Authors are invited to submit a paper and participate to the workshop.

Important dates:

- 29th February 2012: 500 word Abstract Submission closes (for abstracts, see template)

- 15th March 2011: Notification of acceptance